The APEXvj 2.0

Enjoy songs with stunning visualisations. Using the cutting-edge technology you'll be sent to a trip in Full High Definition and 60 frames per seconds. The system is integrated with SoundCloud so you're able to play your favourites, find new music and release your songs in completely new way. APEXvj will make your song look, feel and smell good.

She'll help you find new music by providing lists of related tracks. If you feel like it you can save faves and endorse musicians by sharing or buying tracks. Auto-VJ will keep you entertained on the way.

To ensure your happiness I have made a remote controller app. You can just relax (or dance?) and enjoy the vibes.

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Kick back with the remote

Now you can share the APEXvj experience at parties with your friends or choose your most comfortable pose and select songs from there.

The remote app is available for iOS and Android.

It works through WiFi so you can even join same visualisation with friends around the globe. All you need to do is:
Pick a word and add that to your browser and mobile. Done.

Pick songs to play queue and down/up vote what to play next. It's the most recommended way to enjoy APEXvj.

APEXvj Remote APEXvj Remote
APEXvj Input

Use it on gigs!

If you like you can use APEXvj on live events. I have baked a special page for that. It's called Input.

It reads your computer input hole and visualise it in realtime.

This works with whatever device. Plugin your guitar or just whistle. Or you could plugin mobile and visualise what comes out from your Spotify or iTunes app. And obviously your DJ-deck.

Get the APEXvj Mobile

Visualize your favourite tunes mobile as well. It runs perfectly on iOS and Android devices.

By default app contains all the playlists, search and ability to connect with SoundCloud. See it in action.

APEXvj Mobile

It's an indie thing

APEXvj is and has been an independent project since day one. It means it's not (at least not yet) funded nor controlled by any external company. Everything that happens here are completely made and maintained by me.

I often get cheers and good ideas from several people around me. You know who you are, thank you! Would also like to point out that all the rocks and the beautiful hand model where made by Jonny Ree. Jani Länsimäki made the basis for the APEXvj visual line where it could evolve to what we see today. A lot of it is still here.

It's made for the love of music and realtime graphics. If APEXvj someday covers my living, AWESOME. If not, then things just evolve a bit slower. In any case lets keep up the good vibes!

APEXvj is made of

The whole system covers a lot of different technologies. html5, css3, js, php, nodejs, flash, air, uno, webgl, png, webaudio, objective-c to list some of the buzz-words. Currently the browser player works only on Google Chrome.

Visualisations are made with Outracks Technologies' UNO and RealTime Studio and Remote controller is HTML5 application baked with PhoneGap.

APEXvj is heavily intergraded with SoundCloud API. All the music comes from there.

If you like the world as it were you can still play with the old APEXvj version or get the old Desktop version.


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