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Slimy sales rap

First for all the app is FREE. Yay! It streams music from SoundCloud and visualize it. By default app contains all the playlists, search and ability to connect with SoundCloud. This is all familiar stuff from previous APEXvj releases. Plus to that you'll get two visualizations. To get the nuts exploding experience out of this gadget you can buy more visuals. Hopefully this app is successful so that I can create some more.

It works a lot

At the moment this apparatus mangle pixels in most iOS and Android devices. It's optimized a lot so even some older devices can handle it very well. But for example with iPad2 or Galaxy S II it runs screaming fast 60 frames per second in high definition. You can set the rendering quality to suite your devices muscles.

So without further ado here are links to stores


Check these crap quality videos showing apparatus running in different gadgets

APEXvj running in iPhone 3GS

iPhone 3GS

APEXvj running in Samsung Galaxy S II

Samsung Galaxy S II

APEXvj running in iPhone4